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BULGARIAN AIR CHARTER of East Europe is proud to offer its Services.

Bulgarian Air Charter, approved in accordance with the requirements of Annex I (Part M) AND Annex II (Part 145) of Regulation 1321/2014, is integrated into the structure of air operator “Bulgarian Air Charter”. Our team of experienced Engineers is ready to support your services, from maintenance programme development to record keeping, from reliability reports preparation to planning and scheduling your next maintenance events. We can also provide you other Engineering Activities such as Job Order preparation for Modifications or Damage Chart preparation.

Base Maintenance

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Our base maintenance capabilities cover airframe, engines and landing gear services and overhaul of aircraft components. 
Base Maintenance

Line Maintenance

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We are able to perform everything from routine turnaround and overnight checks to rectification of non-routine aircraft log entries and the most complex in-service repairs.
Line Maintenance

Repair and Overhaul

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Our workshop capabilities cover test, repair, and overhaul of aircraft components. We provide the highest levels of quality and reliability at the most competitive price.
Repair & Overhaul


  • Maintenance Programme development / amendment
  • AD review / management
  • AD Status preparation
  • ASB, SB review / management
  • SB Status preparation
  • Damage Chart, Repair Record management
  • Deferred Maintenance management
  • Evaluation of all relevant OEM, industry and regulatory information and documentation
  • Engineering assistance in MEL development / amendment
  • Monitoring and administration of warranties

Record Keeping, Archiving

  • Aircraft Log Book preparation/management
  • Engine Log Book preparation/management
  • AD File preparation
  • SB File preparation
  • Damage File preparation
  • Component/LLP/Hard time Status preparation
  • Technical/Flight log in BAC IT system
  • Accomplished work pack/documentation processing in BAC IT system
  • Archive storage

Maintenance Planning

  • Continuous Maintenance Performance and Status Management for 24/7 operation
  • Planning function management BAC IT system
  • FH / CYC data entry
  • Long term maintenance planning related to C base Checks & EOs
  • Short term maintenance planning and scheduling related to A checks, component changes, ets.
  • Short term maintenance planning and scheduling related to Pre-flight, Transit, Daily light checks, Deferred Maintenance etc.
  • Work pack preparation for long term base maintenance and short term line maintenance

Line & Base Maintenance

BAC carries out all areas of line maintenance operations at SOFIA International Airport and on request at outside stations.
Line & Base maintenance services provided under Bulgarian CAA approval are:
  • Boeing 737-/300/400/500
  • MD80 Series

This includes:

  • Transit check and/or assistance
  • Daily, weekly and A-checks, C-checks or any other routine works based on Customer’s MP
  • Daily, weekly and A-checks, C-checks or any other routine works based on Customer’s MP
  • Aircraft weighing;
  • Engines, APU, LDG replacements
  • Aircraft exterior washing
  • Special inspections on aircraft (bird strike, hard landing, etc)
Logistic support - BAC is offering full provision of all routine maintenance checks for its Customers. Additionally.